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Re: packages for review: openbox and friends

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005, Adrian Reber wrote:

> You need to add glib2-devel, libxml2-devel and
> startup-notification-devel as BuildRequires and can then remove the
> XFree86-devel BR because that will be pulled in by
> startup-notification-devel. The same is true for fontconfig-devel as it
> is pulled in by xorg-x11-devel:
> BuildRequires: bison libxml2-devel
> BuildRequires: startup-notification-devel glib2-devel

Thanks, fixed

> %post and %postun could be %post(un) -p /sbin/ldconfig and you can then
> remove Requires(post(un)): /sbin/ldconfig

I changed this as well and removed the forced Requires

Just so I'm clear: I can remove the Requires(post*) because the automatic 
dependency generation stuff is smart enough to add it automatically for 
the one-liner version (%post -p /sbin/ldconfig) but not smart enough for 
the shell out (%post \r /sbin/ldconfig)?

> I have seen in other reviews that install should use the -p flag to
> preserve timestamps. And maybe you could use either cp or install and
> not mix it. But that is up to you.

changed install to cp -p




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