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Re: New Package Process

Before reading the many messages in this thread, I need to state this:

NewPackageProcess was never meant to have a separate "sponsor" and "review" during the package adding process. Sponsor was to be referred to only for what is necessary to get a CVS account, and "review" is the process by which a package becomes approved.

A package must be approved explicitly by a reviewer. Many people have confused this to mean "whoever submitted a review can be listed in the APPROVED mail".

It does not really matter if CVS import happens before review and revisions or after, as long as an explicit approval is made before it is built. The original NewPackageProcess allowed cvs import before review because it makes it easier to review and revise if it is in CVS.

If the wording in NewPackageProcess is ambiguous it should be fixed to make all of this clear.

This process however we are trying to replace with the database driven process, but that keeps getting held back due to being too busy with other things. I personally will have time to design it probably later this week after FC4test3 is frozen.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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