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Re: libvisual (and question about gstreamer-plugins)

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 05:29:27 -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> I also will want to submit a specfile for gstreamer-plugins-libvisual
> I'm building it using the "patent cleansed" gstreamer-plugins tarball
> from the rawhide gstreamer-plugins src.rpm
> AFAIK there is no full path url to use for source0.
> Is it OK to indicate in the spec file that the sources
> Source0: gst-plugins-%{version}.patched.tar.bz2
> Source2: patch-tarball.sh
> Source3: removed-sources.txt
> come from the fedora rawhide src.rpm as far as upstream md5sum checking?


And btw, if we want to scale ever, we need to learn to build up trust
and rely on the individual package developers ensure painstakingly that
the used source code tarballs are fine. I mean, we have a process for
new packages, which require approval even for RH employees, but
subsequent version upgrades [and their uploads to lookaside cache]
probably are not reviewed beyond what's visible in cvs commit diffs
(well, except for new contributors perhaps).

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