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Re: New Package Process

rc040203 freenet de (Ralf Corsepius) writes:

> * How about post-release QA? Bug reporting or (in worst case) even
> package withdrawal requests?

Fedora Core shows that post-release QA does not work. Bugreports
will be ignored and stay forever as most packagers are busy. With
an everybody-can-publish policy for Fedora Extras, I fear that we
will end in a RH contrib style repository where 80% of packages are

>> And let's think creatively about this final review: does it need to
>> be a single person who says "this is ok, I bless it"?
> I am in favor of a "voting system", e.g. a system that requires several
> "ready for release" votes before a package can be released.

Such a thing exists already... See
http://enrico-scholz.de/diplom/main-DE-oneside.pdf, section 4.9.


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