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extras status report

Hey Everyone,
 I've been kinda silent for the past week b/c I've been busy and
frustrated - I just wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what I've
been doing and what the reason is I've not built the set of packages on
the wiki build request pages.

I've been working rather diligently but frustratingly on the build
system automation parts. This is to make it so that no one has to
manually run the builds but so that the package maintainers can request
a build on their own. Right now it's doing a fairly good job but I've
got a couple of bugs that are making it very very hard to use normally.

I've posted the latest code to the steering committee list but I've not
checked it into cvs yet. Until it's in cvs I'll post it at:

There are some todos left to accomplish and as soon as I get around this
one bug I'll hit them. Once this is all happy then we'll open up the
'make build' command to all the packagers so they can request builds of
their packages w/o having to go through me. The only part I'll be
involved in will be signing and pushing the packages but that part can
really be handled by anyone with the signing keys. I know I'll be happy
to no longer be the bottleneck in that process and so will everyone

I just felt like I'd been kinda silent since encountering this problem
and I wanted to fill everyone in.


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