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Request for Review: gstreamer-plugins-libvisual

This package consists of a gstreamer plugin that allows some
applications to access the libvisual library through gstreamer.

One such application (and the only one I have tried) is totem.

The totem in fedora core 3 has visualizer support turned off (unless it
has been updated) and the gstreamer-plugins in core 3 is too old for the
current version of libvisual in extras, so this package should only
target rawhide/core 4

spec: http://mpeters.us/fc_extras/gstreamer-plugins-libvisual.spec

This package depends upon libvisual-plugins
only tested by me on x86


There are a few other gstreamer plugins that potentially could be built
for extras. If that should happen, it would (imho) be better to use a
single spec file to build them, simply because there aren't *that* many
that don't have patent constraints that are not already in core, and it
makes more sense (to me) to have a single spec file per src tarball.

Would it be better to call the src rpm gstreamer-plugins-extras and just
make libvisual a subpackage to facilitate that should other plugins be
desired in extras?

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