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Request for Review: pam_mount

In response to Bugzilla bug #156239, FC4 rebuild failed, I would like
to request volunteers for a review of a new pam_mount package.

Pam_mount is aimed at environments with SMB (Samba or Windows NT)
or NCP (Netware or Mars-NWE) servers that Unix users wish to access
transparently. It uses a user's system password to mount remote volumes
when the user logs in.

src rpm:

MD5 message digest:
9f44d93463f027d7c3ae5a5a3c824eb3  pam_mount-0.9.23-0.fdr.1.src.rpm

Older versions of pam_mount have been accepted into Extras.  However,
the last Extras version will not compile on Fedora Core 4.  This new
version should compile for Fedora Core 4 and also includes several
other bug fixes.



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