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Sponsor request: descent (d1x)


Anyone agrees that descent (the 3d shoot em up) is great and belongs in extras (iow wants to sponsor me)?

There has been a free (opensource) release of the descent engine and this has been ported to linux and enhanced under the name of d1x:

I know it needs shareware datafiles, this has been looked at by legal as requested by me and according to: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingGuidelines
shareware datafiles are ok as long as they are freely redistributable.
Atleast I assume the text about shareware was added because of my request to look into this, a reply to my original mail pointing at this would have been nice.

I've build a specifle for this sometime ago and would like to import this into CVS and then get it reviewed. But since its a new package I need a sponsor before import to CVS according to:

Thanks & Regards,


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