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Help needed: SCIM


I need help with packaging SCIM, so if anyone wants to help, please
let me know.

What is SCIM:
SCIM project already ships a wide range of input methods (some may
need other libraries), covering more than 30 languages, most noticably
including (Simplified/Tranditional) Chinese, Japanese, Korean and a
bunch of European Languages. What's more, Composing/Dead key support
is one of the built-in features. In addition to that, several projects
are established to design IMEngines for SCIM and others supply their
own SCIM plugins.

Some people find it the most-featured Input Method for Chinese. I use
it because it seems to be the only one that comes with the Wubi input
method, and because I seem to have fewer problems with it than with
IIIMF and the im-switcher applet.

So far I have packaged:
scim: the underlying infrastructure
scim-pinyin: Smart Pinyin input method for Chinese
scim-tables: a collection of several dozen input method tables for CJK

see these here: http://phy.duke.edu/~icon/misc/fedora-extras/

This seems to be sufficient for most uses under gnome, though there
are several other projects, including scim-hangul, skimm for KDE, and
several implementations written to interact with other Input Method
systems, such as UIM and M17N. Since IM systems isn't something I'm
familiar with, I can't say whether it's something that should be
packaged for extras, of if it's best left out. I know UIM is already
in extras, but that's as much as I know about it.

I'll package scim-hangul, and try my hand at skimm, but since I don't
use KDE, that's probably not the best.

Is anyone here writing much in CJK? Under KDE?

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Zlotniks, INC

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