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Re: Review Request: inadyn

On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 16:17 -0700, Per Bjornsson wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 19:08 -0400, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote:
> > > After you have create a dynDNS account, you have to register the
> > > hostname, you want to use, on the DynDNS website.
> > 
> > Nope, still didn't work. I went to DynDNS's website, created the host
> > entry as, and still got the same output from inadyn.
> Eh... Can you explain what you are doing a bit more, actually? What you
> register with DynDNS is the DNS name you want; you then talk to the
> DynDNS server (using e.g. inadyn) every time you get assigned a new IP
> address and ask it to update the DNS mapping.

Yes, this I understand. I'm no stranger to dynamic DNS services.

> If you go to the DynDNS website and try to map <name>.dyndns.org to
>, that really won't work to well, at least I can't see how it
> can possibly be useful...

It does provide a convenient baseline from which a DynDNS client's
success can be measured. If it's no longer after the update
then it's succeeded.

What really bugs me about this problem is that I don't get any useful
diagnostics from the program whatsoever, even at maximum verbosity.

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <ivazquez ivazquez net>

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