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Help needed: bzflag doesn't work properly on FC4test/Rawhide

Hi all,

I've got a problem with the bzflag package, namely that it compiles but
doesn't work properly -- it doesn't crash, but among other things other
players can't see your shots and don't get hit by them either. See the
bug report upstream at SourceForge:


I suspect that the problem is exhibited by the use of the new gcc-4.0
compiler, but I'm not a compiler expert either ;-). The only thing I
found suspicious when building the thing is some warnings where return
values were ignored and some other warnings about inlined C++ template
code that doesn't return anything where a return value is expected.
Unfortunately these latter warnings are only so much gibberish to me,
I'm not able to deduce the lines of code where the problems originate.
But then the real problem may lie somewhere else entirely, who knows?

If someone with more clues about problems stemming from a gcc-3.4 ->
gcc-4.0 transition could take a look at this it would be great.

     Nils Philippsen    /    Red Hat    /    nphilipp redhat com
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
 safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."     -- B. Franklin, 1759
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