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Re: sponsors still needed for new packages, extras not advertised on fedorawebsite?

Michael Schwendt wrote:
 * There is no such thing as a "package sponsor". We use the notion of
   "sponsoring" only for CVS access.


 * For a new package you need somebody, who _approves_ your package
   explicitly by posting a message to fedora-extras-commits list.
   Explicit approval is necessary before a new package may be built.

   It need not be your CVS account sponsor to approve your package.
   It must be somebody with Fedora Extras CVS access and, for instance,
   could also be your package co-maintainer.

Understood and agreed.

   Preferably (in my point of view), the approval is posted before or
   shortly after the new package is imported into CVS, but must be posted
   before a first build is requested.

Erm, not everybody has an 24hrs online private server or plenty of webspace to drop SRPMS (my isp sucks when it comes to this), so I would prefer to import a package into CVS as soon as:
1) All legal issues or cleared, iow there are no legal issues
2) There is someone who is willing to take on the role of (primary)
reviewer because he agrees the package would make a welcome addition
to FE.

So that it can be reviewed from CVS this has the added bonus that we start building a history, so that later on we can see why patch xyz is in the spec.

This assumes that once a package has met the 2 listed requirements getting it approved is just a question of ironing out any kinks.



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