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Re: D1x license

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 11:50 -0400, Michael Wiktowy wrote:

> I would think that that would be for someone who wants to sell Fedora 
> Extras CDs to worry about.
> AFAIK, there is no charge for people accessing the Fedora Extras 
> repository so it could happily reside there. If someone wants to extend 
> the scope of Extras later into a commercial product, then they will have 
> to make some adjustments and know what they are doing.
> Not putting this in just because someone may choose to come along and 
> try to commercialize Extras without putting any thought or work into 
> doing so seems silly to me.

In this case sure - but the problem arises if you have libraries that
other things in extras are linked against.

Then the vendor has to remove the library, and rebuild any packages that
are linked against it so that they now are not, and furthermore make
sure nothing has been statically linked against it.

This makes it a lot more work for someone who wants to sell CD/DVD sets
- and there are some people doing it not for a profit motive, but
because they want it to be freely and easily accessible to people
without bandwidth and/or CD/DVD burners (or knowledge on how to burn -
which a lot of people have trouble with).

I don't sell extras currently, but I do sell core CD/DVD (and updates)
for that purpose. I do plan to make extras available when Anaconda
supports it (FC5 or 6), simply because it has some very useful apps that
some people like (AbiWord, Gnumeric, Bluefish, Firestarter, Lyx, etc.).

If I had to evaluate all the packages in extras, it won't be worth it
for me. I want to know I can burn and distribute it as is without any
_known_ to Fedora legal issues. Otherwise I just won't.

Magazine distribution of Extras is probably the same way - editor isn't
going to want to dig through what is restricted for him and what is not.

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