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Re: New package, review needed: icecast


> > But there's a reason hisB branch isn't mainline - it's precisely because
> > he is moving fast on features a lot that his branch is not the mainline.  
> > It's a deliberate choice, and hence it doesn't make sense to package the
> > branch and have people believe it's the official stable icecast.
> Hmm. I thought that would have been made clear by the version number. But 
> hey, I can just whip up a stable icecast release as well.

"yum install icecast" doesn't contain the version number; people
typically don't really notice the version numbers on download and
install either, since they trust their yum.conf to be pointing to a
reliable source.  And if people have an officially released version
installed as rpm, they probably would prefer to not have it be upgraded
by an svn snapshot of a different branch.

Bottom line - it's just a lot easier on your userbase if it gives them
what they expect - you'll get a lot less complaints :)

> And yes, his features are a bit more experimental. But the last year I 
> have been running several icecast-kh daemons in productive use and not one 
> of them did crash, something which I can unfortunately not say about the 
> ices tools . ;)

I have a friend working at an ISP where they're using five machines to
serve 6000 clients - every day one of the icecast processes segfaults.
This is with the stable release, btw.  I don't expect this to be better
in the kh branch :)

FWIW, we have one of icecast's maintainers working here at the office,
and he tells me that kh's branch is by nature not as stable as the
release version.  Makes sense, anyway.

> Hmmm. WE should think about offering some virtual package such as 
> webserver is being provided by httpd.
> That way we could have clients depend on streaming-server and it doesn't 
> matter if the user is installing icecast, icecast-kh or shoutcast or 
> whatever....

Might make sense, but not sure if lots of people ever install much else
than apache.  If you do, however, then let me know, so I can add the
provides to flumotion.


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