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Re: Request for review (round3): libxslt-plugin-regexp and libxslt-plugin-dates-and-time

On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 21:19 -0400, joel reed wrote: 
> > The updated spec/rpm files can be found here:
> > 
> > http://home.comcast.net/~joelwreed/libxslt-plugin-regexp-0.5-1.src.rpm
> > http://home.comcast.net/~joelwreed/libxslt-plugin-regexp.spec
> > 
> > http://home.comcast.net/~joelwreed/libxslt-plugin-dates-and-times-0.2-1.src.rpm
> > http://home.comcast.net/~joelwreed/libxslt-plugin-dates-and-times.spec
> > 
> > Do the spec files look good now?
> hmm, no feedback this time. can i assume they are now acceptable?

No.  Just glancing at the first one (libslt-plugin-regexp), it appears
that there is still some clean-up needed on them.

1. The source line is incorrect.  No file exists at this location.
2. Is there any reason your defining Prefix & Docdir?
3. Which license it is using?  The regexp.c refers to the Copyright,
which isn't included in the tarball.

Suggestion:  How about using the specfile template provided by
fedora-rpmdevtools?  Having some whitespace, would really help with the
readability of your specfiles, and more people might be willing to
review them. 

Brian Pepple <bdpepple ameritech net>

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