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Re: Request for rewiew: mbuffer-20050730

This is not that much a reply to myself, but a reaction to the
discussion about whether to link against openssl and with respect to
Warren's hint about possible license implications. So I decided it would
be best to use mhash available through Fedora Extras if the user wants
to have the md5 hash functionality in mbuffer. This makes it necessary
to prevent mbuffer to detect openssl if present on the build system
during configure. Special thanks to Paul for pointing that out, and how
to do so. openssl will not be used, hence the license question Warren
pointed to is no issue then. To not link mbuffer against a library in
/usr/lib (libmhash.so.2 => /usr/lib/libmhash.so.2 (0x0071b000)) the md5
feature is disabled by default, but can be chosen as a rebuild option.
The target behind that is to keep mbuffer usable even without a /usr
partition being mounted (i.e. emergency case).

New .spec and src.rpm (release -3):



1024D/866ED681 2005-07-11 Alexander Dalloz (Fedora Project) <alex dalloz de>
Key fingerprint = CD40 0A91 7814 C1E4 5940  8E0E 1FD5 C316 866E D681

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