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[Bug 165288] Review Request: libgdamm

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Summary: Review Request: libgdamm


bugs michael gmx net changed:

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------- Additional Comments From bugs michael gmx net  2005-08-06 23:27 EST -------
libgdamm-devel "Requires: glibmm24-devel" because of C++ header contents
and "Requires: libgda-devel" because of pkg-config file dependencies.

Generic INSTALL file in %doc is of no interest to package users.

README in %doc is 24 bytes and pretty much useless (unless you insist
on packaging it because it _may_ change in the future).

--enable-docs doesn't do anything.

Both package descriptions are confusing, IMHO. I don't think "libgdamm
is part of gnomemm" (=> libgnomemm26 in Extras). It is "part of a set of
powerful C++ bindings for the GNOME libraries, which provide additional 
functionality above GTK+/gtkmm".

In -devel summary and description I usually add the information that
"libraries" are included, too.

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