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Re: Fedora account

I read through every message toward the approval of your icmpdn package, and on multiple occasions it seemed to me that you simply did not read the guidelines and procedures.

Sponsorship is a judgement that a sponsor member feels that you have read and understand the packaging guidelines. It is unclear to me that you have read through the guidelines when I see that you were building packages as root, as this is a fundamental error made very clear in several areas of the documentation. This would have been impossible if you had followed the BuildRequires testing procedure using either fedora-buildrpmtree or mock.

Perhaps you did subsequently read through all documentation, and if you did so then I only ask that you demonstrate that understanding.

Please help to review packages submitted by other contributors. If you understand the packaging guidelines and give good advice to improve other people's packages, then that is a good way of demonstrating your understanding. It is only fair to ask that you help in package reviews, as several other Extras members were kind enough to spend time on your package.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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