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Request for review: libtranslate (#165353)


Upstream url: http://www.nongnu.org/libtranslate

 Absence of any software for machine translation is one of the common
problem for Linux desktops. This package tries to start to resolve it,
using (as first possibility) free web-based translation services.
 Libtranslate is a library for translating text and web pages between
natural languages. Its modular infrastructure allows to implement new
translation engines separately from the core library.
 Libtranslate is shipped with a generic module, which uses web-based
translation services such as Babel Fish, Google Language Tools and
SYSTRAN. Moreover, the generic module allows to add new services simply
by adding a few lines to a XML file.

 The libtranslate distribution includes a powerful command line interface.

 A powerful GUI for libtranslate is present too, it is
"gnome-translate" package (which I hope to add next).

 By the way, I used gnome-translate/libtranslate when wrote this text :-)

Dmitry Butskoy <dmitry butskoy name> RHCE 809003662809495

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