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[Bug 165900] Review Request: hunkyfonts

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Summary: Review Request: hunkyfonts


------- Additional Comments From sarantis cnl di uoa gr  2005-08-15 12:30 EST -------
> Should I contact with author myself or RedHat lawyers can handle that? (you
> know, normal user does not have such a big influence as a lawyer of a
> corporation ;-) )

Well, I am not sure about that...  Fedora is "only" sponsored by Red Hat, so it
is up to us the individual contributors to make the necessary judgements and
maintain contact with the authors.  We could ask Red Hat legal if the license
change to LGPL is allowed, but as I stated before, the most important thing is
the removal of the copyright notice.  You could try making a contact to check
the climate...

> Well, I thought that it would be better to have the same name as used in other
> distributions (for example Gentoo) and by the author of the original package.
> If this is a rule in Fedora Extras, I will follow it :]

No, this is not a rule, as far as I can tell.  It was a suggestion by me to keep
the package names consistent.  For example Debian uses ttf-fontname for the
package names.  Fedora so far uses fontname-fonts.  However, this is a very
minor issue, which could go either way.  Since it is not a policy it is up to
you to decide the package name.

This package is now blocked due to legal reasons (removal of Bitstream copyright
text and change of license to LGPL).  I think that waiting for a little bit is
the best thing to do here, to see if there is any feedback from the author of
the font.  All other (technical) issues are fixed.

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