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[Bug 166063] Review Request: perl-HTML-Mason

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comments should be made in the comments box of this bug report.

Summary: Review Request: perl-HTML-Mason


------- Additional Comments From rc040203 freenet de  2005-08-21 01:41 EST -------

* nitpicks:
- %check || :, please use "%check".
- sed'ing LD_RUN_PATH, please remove
- setting perl_vendorlib is superfluous with FC >= FC3.

* Arguable/Discussable:
- /var/www/mason and /var/www/comp
I am not sure if these are clever choices. /var/www/mason seems reasonable to
me, but /var/www/comp seems a bit too unspecific to me. However I don't have
strong opinion on this.

* Major issue:
Your /etc/http.d/conf.d/perl-HTML-Mason.conf doesn't work on FC4.
It prevents apache/httpd from startup:

# service http start
Starting httpd:                                            [FAILED]
[Sun Aug 21 07:34:47 2005] [error] Can't load Perl module Apache2 for server
..., exiting..

I am not as much an apache expert to be able to tell what is wrong with it.
AFAIS, it definitely is related to these lines in perl-HTML-Mason.conf, which
would indicate a mod_perl/mod_perl2 incompatiblity issue:
PerlModule Apache2
PerlModule Apache::compat

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