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Re: static libraries/devel subpackages

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005, Patrice Dumas wrote:

Should it really be followed? I may be wrong but all the packages I know
in extra distribute the static libraries in -devel subpackages.

I actually followed that in my (yet only) package libnjb. Though I thought it was odd. Removing the libtool archives (*.la) is more understandable though.

I believe the reasoning is that use of dynamic libraries should be encouraged, and RPMs in extras should only use dynamic libs, thus no need to include static libs. (Qualified guess.)

* when the package consists only in static libraries, no binaries nor dynamic
 libraries what should be done? (I think that the principal package should
 not distribute any file such that there is only a -devel package. It is
 what libcaca does.)

Seems reasonable to me... Could one not just name the main package "foo-devel" then, with no "main" package whatsoever?


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