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Re: http://fedoraproject.org/extras/4/i386/comps.xml


Last month you may have seen a lot of messages with the subject line reading:
	"Re: http://fedoraproject.org/extras/4/i386/repodata";

Now I hope to start a new thread with the subject line reading:
	"Re: http://fedoraproject.org/extras/4/i386/comps.xml";

Originally, I saw that 1031 packages were in the group __nogroup__.  See 
This led to discussions about the comps.xml file, and discussions about the 
different types or purposes of groups, and the need for automation of groups.

I haven't stopped working, but I'm at the midway point in the development, and 
the programs that I've created generate a comps file with no unassigned 
packages; however, some knowledge needs to be loaded into the data, so that 
the comps file has the packages directed into better groups.  It's not a 
small task, so I'm presenting the current product for review, and hopefully 
some collective knowledge from the contributors will guide me to create a 
better comps file for fedora-extras.

I've put files at http://users.adelphia.net/~ermeyers/fedora-extras/.  There 
is a "comps.xml" file which is like the "comps.xml.en" file, but the 
"comps.xml.en" file is easier to read, because it doesn't have the foreign 
language translations in it. There is a "package_directed_information.txt" 
file, which presents information of the packages directed into groups.  There 
is a "package_covered_information.txt" file, which presents information of 
the packages, not directed, but covered by groups using automatic placement.  
The big trick is I need to load the package_directed.store (knowledge base); 
otherwise, the package gets covered, into package_covered.store, by placing 
it according to its RPM group.  I've mapped the RPM group names to different 
group names, as needed.

-- group_add & group_del implemented.
-- category_add & category_del implemented

Thank you for your help, in advance.

Eric R. Meyers
Systems Engineer
GPG: 0x83CE80A3

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