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[Bug 165913] Review Request: gquilt - a PyGTK GUI wrapper for quilt

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Summary: Review Request: gquilt - a PyGTK GUI wrapper for quilt


------- Additional Comments From jwboyer jdub homelinux org  2005-08-23 21:03 EST -------
(In reply to comment #9)
> The files in /usr/share/gquilt/*.py are imported into the gquilt program to make
> it run.  This is the normal mode of operation.  The author of gquilt has also
> made most of the files executable scripts with small stubs of test code embedded
> in them.  My gquilt-build.patch installs the *.py files as mode 0655... no
> executable.  This seems right as we don't have any use for the tests in the
> installed set.  rpmlint complains about this but I think we should just ignore

Ah, yes I noticed this too.  I agree that they shouldn't be executable in the
scope of Extras.

> The right thing to do in the python world WRT tests is to move the tests out to
> separate files.  Python has a fine unittest framework to do just that.  However,
> that's a definite job for an upstream maintainer.

I'll be sure to mention it to him.

> The /usr/share/gquilt/gquilt.py file is somewhat special as it is the main
> driver of the gquilt program and there could be some justification to execute
> it.  However, my testing showed the shell script /usr/bin/gquilt sets some
> environment variables that are necessary otherwise /usr/share...gquilt.py won't
> run.  So there's no need to make that executable either.

Ok.  Thanks for the explanation.  It was quite good.  You learn something every
day :).  Your patches have been added to CVS.  I'll work with Peter to see if he
wants to incorporate them upstream.  This explanation should help.

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