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about the CLA request


I have some comments/questions about the CLA phase (I am not a lawyer, so 
please forgive me if i don't use the right words...):

1) about the private informations requested: 

* Is the telephone really needed?

* Is the address really needed?

* If the response is yes to questions above I think there should be a note
  about who has access to these datas, how it is possible to change them
  and how exactly they will be used, internally in the fedora project (and 

* I also think that the juridiction that the Fedora project follows 
  regarding those kind of private informations should be mentionned. It
  seems to be different than what is in my country (France), so for
  the ones that are not accustomed to that juridiction maybe a link or
  a brief explanation could be added?   

2) about the CLA:

There are contradictory statements in the mail saying that the CLA should
be electronically signed and in the CLA itself saying that an ink signature
is required (and at that point some possibilities are mentionned). I
personnaly think that the gpg signature is enough (and if I'm not wrong
it is being recognized in judgements).


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