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Re: For review

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Paul F. Johnson wrote:

> Hi,
> > Looking at the information surrounding this particular emulator, it
> > seems to be questionable.  Although there are binary images freely
> > available, it sounds like the primary use for this software lies with
> > images that are not licensed freely.
> I think that can be said for just about any emulator. However, unless
> you can get hold of an old compilation CD, you'll find that 99.99999% of
> the images available have been authorised by either the original author
> or company. Those which have not are removed from circulation.

Are you speaking specifically about *this* emulator in particular?  
Because the same *certainly* can not be said for images available for
MAME, for instance.

> Copyright is always respected and the images are licenced to be freely
> distributed with the ROMS given with the blessing of Amstrad (the owners
> of Sinclair Computers from 1986-ish).
> I will, of course, respect the wishes of those on high over this. If
> it's rejected from FCE, how do I get them into Livna?

My thinking, and IANALBTTTO (I am not a lawyer but talk to them often):

First, the emulator itself.  

If it's intended to play ROMs that are not licensed for redistribution,
then providing the emulator is an act of contributory infringement.

If, however, it's intended to play ROMs that *are* licensed for 
redistribution, and if we can prove this, then making the emulator 
available is much lower risk.

In either event, we shouldn't be redistributing ROMs themselves unless 
they've been licensed *under an OSI license*, which seems unlikely.

So.  I'd say your options are: 1. make a defensible case that the majority
of ROMs for this emulator are freely redistributable, or 2. read up on
Livna at http://rpm.livna.org/development.html.


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