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[Bug 175438] Review Request: smart -- Next generation package handling tool

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Summary: Review Request: smart -- Next generation package handling tool


------- Additional Comments From ville skytta iki fi  2005-12-13 12:51 EST -------
URL to latest so far: http://ensc.de/fedora/smart-0.40-1.7.src.rpm

(In reply to comment #14)

> * -usermode adds non-trivial deps

Hmm, could you elaborate what these are?  glib2, libattr, pam, libselinux and
libuser sound like things that are pretty hard to get rid of in a functional FC
> And this well-known environment is FC4+ in this case
> which is known to have the required 'rpm' package.

Fine with me.  rpm doesn't have an epoch so that problem doesn't currently exist
in FC/RHEL, but the versioned deps would help people who try to rebuild this for
earlier distro versions or RHEL.  (Some kind of support for those is sort of
implied elsewhere in the package, eg. smart-fedora-setup.)

> I want to make sure that 'smart-gtk' gets
> installed after 'smart' and removed before it, because -gtk uses
> directories from the base package which would stay when 'smart' is
> removed before 'smart-gtk'.

Plain requires is fine for install time.  And at install time it wouldn't matter
anyway as long as all dirs are owned.

> afaik, pre/postun modifiers are the only way *guaranting* that.

Even if postun may work with the erase ordering, I wouldn't count on that abuse
(adding a dependency for a %postun script which doesn't exist).  The only way to
properly fix this is in rpm.  It isn't known to hurt though, so if you insist on
keeping it, not a blocker.

smart-fedora-setup doesn't appear to do anything useful when run as non-root,
maybe move it to /usr/sbin?

See also bug 175630 comment 2.

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