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Review: libapreq2

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 15:33 -0500, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:

> libapreq2: 
> Library for manipulating client request data via the Apache API

- Hardcodes "5.8.6" in %install
- There's a _huge_ leak in upstream 2.05's Apache2::Upload, a fix for it
  was committed to svn today, I believe.  I would suggest waiting for
  2.06; the rest of the stuff in this 39-package submission will take a
  while anyway to review...
- I'd suggest splitting the Perl stuff intoa "perl-libapreq2" 
  subpackage (I also add "perl-libapreq" for hysterical raisins so that
  an app which can use both mod_perl 1 or 2 can use that as a 
- Add a /etc/httpd/conf.d/ snippet so that the module is loaded
  when httpd starts.
- Add a dependency on httpd-mmn, see mod_perl and mod_python in Core.
- If you're not targetting < FC2, LD_RUN_PATH stuff in %build, "|| :"
  after %check, and the definition of perl_vendorarch at the top are
  not needed.
- Versioned dependencies would be nice, at least for mod_perl.
- I think it's very unlikely that someone would find static libs
  of this useful.  Or at least the Apache module.
- condrestart httpd at first install's %post, and on all %postun?
- NOTICE must be in the distribution, some other docs could as well.

I've been following and packaging this for a long time, and my package
of it is at http://cachalot.mine.nu/4/SRPMS/libapreq2-2.05-0.6.src.rpm
It implements the above and some more.  I would be happy to maintain
this too, but have been waiting for 2.06 due to the above mentioned
leak.  Would you like me to maintain this?  If so, just review the
package above, and I'll take care of adding it to CVS and not building
before the Apache2::Upload is fixed by patching or updating.

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