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Review needed

I just finished importing:
python-protocols -- PyProtocols 'adapt()' implementation
python-psycopg   -- Alternative high-speed Postgres DB adapter
python-simpletal -- Alternative implementation of Zope Page Templates
python-tpg       -- Toy Parser Generator
python-psyco     -- Python specializing compiler

I'm not importing python-pyXLWriter at the moment due to a lack of
activity upstream and the low version number.  I may end up taking over
development of this module if I can't get hold of any one else, or I may
just let it die and hope for a properly python-enabled and librarified
Gnumeric to appear.  Either way, I decided it wasn't appropriate to
import into Extras at the moment.
Shahms E. King <shahms shahms com>
Multnomah ESD

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1612 054B CE92 8770 F1EA  AB1B FEAB 3636 45B2 D75B

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