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Re: Request for addition: GRASS, Quantum GIS

On Mon, 2005-05-02 at 14:30 +0400, lemenkov newmail ru wrote:
> Hello, All!
> I decided to add little help for whose, who 
> uses FC at GIS-workstations, and created spec-files for two
> GIS-applications:
> * GRASS Geographic Resources Analysis Support System.
> spec:   http://paula.comtv.ru/grass.spec

Well, I know, I won't make friends with what I am going to say now, but
sometimes it's inevitable.

This spec is not even close to be in shape for inclusion in FE.

Just to mention a few issues:

* %define _prefix /usr/lib
Non-acceptable, if the grass sources want --prefix=/usr/lib, pass 
--prefix=%{_libdir}, but ... if this is required, it's strongly
justified to have doubts on grass source code.

* make \

Don't use install-strip, this will break the debug-packages rpm is
supposed to produce.

* Provides: *.so ....
This rarely can be correct.

You also want to have a look into 


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