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Re: Review Request: fftw3, cln, GiNaC, octave-forge

Michael Schwendt wrote:

On Mon, 02 May 2005 09:12:07 -0500, Quentin Spencer wrote:

Updates of all of these packages were checked into CVS a week ago. I requested a review then, but due to lack of response, I'm sending out the request again. Note that octave-forge requires GiNaC, which requires cln.

Who was the one who volunteered to review and approve your packages?
Also, where are "octave" and "octave-devel"? They have been removed from
Fedora Core.

Spot was my original sponsor, who did look at my packages before I checked them into CVS. Several people responded to my initial CVS checkins, and I have corrected all of the problems that came up. Does that constitute approval or does there need to be a final review?

I haven't started working on packaging octave yet because I'm still working on an FC3 system at the moment. My original plan was to get these packages added, approved, and built on FC3, and then begin working on building octave for FC4. From the octave mailing lists I understand this could be a bit of an undertaking with the move from g77 to gfortran. Anyway, this was a perfectly reasonable plan back in February when I first asked for sponsorship, but obviously the process has taken much longer than planned. Should I work on building octave for FC4 before I get any of these approved?


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