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Self-Introduction: Christian Jodar (Tian)


I think I was a bit confused with the user creation and sponsoring
process. So maybe I should have introduce myself before my review
request. Here it is.

My full name is Christian Jodar, but I use Tian nickname on the web.

I am from south of France, near Cannes in the French Riviera.

I work as a computer engineer doing some developments for Unix
servers. They are done using C++ and Oracle database. The company
I work for is Amadeus, a company providing software for airlines and
travel agencies.

I'd like to contribute in the project by becoming in the first time
maintainer of GCfilms package, a project I am responsible of
( https://gna.org/projects/gcfilms/ ).

I am webmaster of "Site d'Aide Informatique de Tian"
( http://www.c-sait.net/ ) a french website containing articles about
computers and GNU/Linux. It also includes a toolbox with shell script,
PHP sources, and other stuff I wrote.

Previous works also include a C++ API for LCDProc 
( http://www.c-sait.net/lcdapi/ ), some SuperKaramba plugins (Karmix
and KarDevices) and a toolbar for Firefox and Mozilla, CPCMozBar,
for a french website and forum.

I am also maintainer of the french translation of the Orca Forum and
Blog ( http://www.greywyvern.com/orca ).

It has been 6 years since I am using GNU/Linux systems: Red Hat and
SUSE ones first. And now Fedora core since its second version.

My Gna! profile contains a summary of my technical skills:


I also added the .src.rpm for GCfilms package. It can be found here:


Thanks a lot for your attention. Please let me know if another
action or information are required from me.

Here is my GPG KEYID and fingerprint (already uploaded to pgp.mit.edu)

  > gpg --fingerprint BF2FB628
pub  1024D/BF2FB628 2005-05-02 Christian Jodar (Tian) <tian c-sait net>
 Key fingerprint = 113D 3265 D3C6 94A1 2E7D  CC14 7A57 B9F0 BF2F B628
sub  1024g/B1AF1AF4 2005-05-02


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