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buildsystem stuff

Hey folks,
 I've been doing a lot of tests today and I have some good news to

1. the xml-rpc communication is working pretty well. We can spawn builds
out to different hosts than the queuer and get feedback on what broke in
the build and/or why.

2. I've cleaned up the code and on my set of 2 systems (x86_64 and ppc)
I can build for all 3 architectures w/o having to manually run anything.

You can see the code here:

Gist of how it is used:
The queuer runs, figures out what needs to be built by getting the list
from the /cvs/extras/common/tobuild file. It preps for the build by:
 - checking out the tag from cvs
 - making all the necessary dirs (name/v-r/a)
 - making the srpm
Then it dispatches the build to the right archwelder classes. These
classes build the packages and put the files into the right places if
they succeed; or output the logs if they fail.
After the build runs the queuer will notify the person requesting the
build of success or failure.

In the event of a failure on any one architecture the other builds are
stopped and logs are reported.

That's the short version of how it works - a list of todos are at the
top of the two important files. I've got a few more tests to do and then
I'll probably make the 'tobuild' file open to anyone with cvs commit
access so you can run 'make build' to request your own builds.

let me know what you think, even if I've wasted my time.


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