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Re: buildsystem stuff

seth vidal wrote :

> That's the short version of how it works - a list of todos are at the
> top of the two important files. I've got a few more tests to do and then
> I'll probably make the 'tobuild' file open to anyone with cvs commit
> access so you can run 'make build' to request your own builds.
> let me know what you think, even if I've wasted my time.

I personally think this is great, THANKS seth! :-)

I've got two questions :
- Have your last tobuild tests worked alright? Is this ready to use?
- How do the resulting packages show up in the Extras tree?

That second point is the most important, I guess, as we might want to
review binary packages after they're built "just in case". Next, the
signing stage should probably stay "manual", eventually when that review
occurs, and just before the packages go out to the public tree? Last, how
do the old packages get cleaned out?

For this last question, here's the solution I've been using myself for
years : I have my main tree (it could be a private one in this case) which
is organized as "<distro version dir>/<package name dir>/" in which I
remove all files in "<package name dir>" when a new package of "package
name" is built, then I add all the new files. I then run a mass clean-out,
followed by hard-linking of all those sub-dirs in the repository-enabled
tree. This makes me avoid complicated version comparisons and such, and
takes care of the corner cases such as when the new packages no longer
include a given sub-package.

Anyway... once again... great work, seth!


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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