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Re: Review request: snort

On 5/4/05, Daniel Wittenberg <daniel-wittenberg starken com> wrote:
> initDir now replaced with _initdir.  I also updated some other macros
> and building snort inline rpms now work too.
> http://www.starken.com/snort/snort.spec
> We'll be doing some more testing on the built RPM's but if those are
> good then we'll be ready for the full 2.4 release and maybe we can get
> it into extras at that time.
> Dan

Ok a couple of questions:
1) setting %vendor might cause confusion with other organizations
using this src.rpm
2) same with Packager. If I rebuild the RPM I am not the official
builder for snort.
3) where it says plain, it should probably use the word base (more in
line with other RPM packaging references)

	base		Snort (this package, required)
	mysql		Snort with mysql (optional)

4)this section looks like the %if needs to be further out. 

%package postgresql
Summary: Snort with PostgreSQL support
Group: Applications/Internet
Requires: %{name} = %{version}-%{release}
%if %{postgresql}
BuildRequires: postgresql-devel

5) Style point to be more inline with other rpms (or at least the ones
I have been looking at this week). Move the main %description under
the main package versus below the other sections.

I am working through the logic of the rest.. but I know that using
this spec file will build a 2.3.3 one (if you dont use --inline ;)).
Hope this is useful.

Stephen J Smoogen.
CSIRT/Linux System Administrator

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