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Re: Package Build Report

On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 18:32 +0200, Matthias Saou wrote:
> seth vidal wrote :
> > Packages that failed to build on Fedora Development:
> > [...]
> > synergy
> > [...]
> I think this one was a silly tag problem (I kept the same release the last
> tag already had), so I now need to request a rebuild... can I already try
> "tobuild"? :-)

not yet. You'd need to run 'make build'. Right now Jeremy and I are the
only folks who can run the command and have it succeed. If the rest of
these builds finish tonight, I'll clear out the ones that finished from
the wiki, do the make build on the fc3 items and ask jeremy to open it

The only thing you'll have to be on the watch for is cvs conflicts when
you run make build. That's something that will actually be a problem in
the not-so-distant future.

I was talking to Jeremy some about this and it seems he and I had a
similar idea:
 use the .fedora.cert files to authenticate to an xml-rpc server and
register the build request into a lightweight database. That's got finer
granularity and it means tracking the progress of the build is easier
than reloading a directory listing over and over again. :)

I've got to spend some time on yum in the next week or so, so I won't
have time to do that much with it right now but here's what it needs:

- xml-rpc auth via ssl cert to a big pile of the right certs.
- sqldb with fields:
   - cvs tag
   - cvs repo
   - distro target
   - username requesting build
   - timestamp (duh)
   - pkg name (would be nicer for output)
   - status
it's actually not that much code and depending on the locking you might
be able to get away with ultra-light-weight sqlite for the backend.

Things that need to be done to the buildsystem:
 1. new mach-yum release and some bug fixes.
 2. timer on the cvs functions to make sure they don't stall out on the
server connection
 3. look at the nonblocking popen2 routine that menno pointed me to
 4. log reports more sensibly
 5. config files for everything
     - local path to stages dir
     - http url to stages dir
     - email address for the 'from' field.
     - email domain for the 'to' field.
     - dict of xmlrpc build servers
     - ssl certificate location/paths.

That's all I have on my short-list for now.


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