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Re: buildsystem stuff

On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 09:37 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> A couple of comments, some of which I'd even be willing to do the work
> for :)
> 1) CVS/tobuild - Could this code be separated into an XML-RPC client?
> So you'd have the Queuer be an XMLRPC server, and clients would connect
> to it and feed it build jobs.  For Aurora at least, we're probably not
> going to have CVS of this type, and "tobuild" seems somewhat cumbersome.

This was definitely intended as the eventual direction.  But we wanted
to get something going quickly, and write a file was far simpler. :-)
Especially since at first, there wasn't going to be the need for XML-RPC
-- that came later as a need for kicking off the ppc builds.

Any help down this path would definitely be appreciated, otherwise it's
at least on my todo list.  The key is to keep the client as simple as
possible so that we don't have a big list of deps like you end up with
for the beehive client.  Basic python + included modules should be
fairly sane, though.  And using the client certs for the fedora account
system stuff seems like the obvious auth mechanism then. 


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