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Review: pylint, python-logilab-common

Hello, folks:

Please review the following two packages currently in devel cvs:

Name:           pylint
Version:        0.6.4
Release:        3
Summary:        Analyzes Python code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality

Pylint is a python tool that checks if a module satisfy a coding standard.
Pylint can be seen as another PyChecker since nearly all tests you can do
with PyChecker can also be done with Pylint. But Pylint offers some more
features, like checking line-code's length, checking if variable names are
well-formed according to your coding standard, or checking if declared
interfaces are truly implemented, and much more. The big advantage with
Pylint is that it is highly configurable, customizable, and you can easily
write a small plugin to add a personal feature.

And a package that is required for it to run:

Name:           python-logilab-common
Version:        0.9.3
Release:        3
Summary:        Common libraries for Logilab projects

This package contains several modules providing low level functionality
shared among some python projects developed by logilab.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Zlotniks, INC

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