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Re: Approval needed: mlmmj

On Sat, 7 May 2005, Michael Fleming wrote:

> - As the package should require a mail transport agent, what would be the
> best means of ensuring this? I've seen and used "Requires: smtpdaemon"
> previously (having seen it in RH specs). Would including this virtual req.
> still be the best practice?

As long as any ol' MTA will suffice. "Requires: smtpdaemon" will be 
satisfied by having any one of the 3 MTAs in Core and Extras installed

> - The source package also contains two web frontends (one in Perl and
> another in PHP) for maintaining the lists and allowing visitors to sign up.
> Should they be split off into a subpackage, included in %doc (which I've
> seen done for some other packages) or omitted completely (the current
> status). Otherwise creation of new lists is via a small shell script
> included in the current package - fine for shell access but not overly
> convenient.

subpackages would be nicest, I'd think


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