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Re: Self-Introduction: Christian Jodar (Tian)

tian c-sait net wrote:
Perhaps you could take a look at the spec file template for perl modules
in the fedora-rpmdevtools package and base the build phase of the
package on that?

I already looked it. But actually, it doesn't fit with my package.
GCfilms is a Perl application, not a Perl module. So it doesn't have to
be installed in the same way. No compilation is required. Only files have
to be copied as for an application.

I didn't find in CVS extras example of another pure Perl application to
have a model. If someone knows one, it could be useful.

Looking at the "install" program in the gcfiles tarball, I think there are a couple of problems with it:

1. It seems to initialize perl-Gtk2 (and hence require DISPLAY to be set) even if you're doing a text-mode install. This is never going to work in an RPM build environment (you'll also need perl-Gtk2 as a BuildRequires).

2. The installer accepts a "prefix" directory but doesn't offer any more fine-grained specification of directories, e.g. lib, bin, share etc. Whilst this will work OK on some platforms, you might have problems with building on other architectures.

What I'd suggest is to not bother with the "install" script and instead use Requires: entries for all the dependency checks and use a bunch of "%{_bindir}/install" commands to actually install all the files in the right places. Since you've already enumerated the list of files in the %files section, this shouldn't be too big a problem.


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