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Re: Self-Introduction: Christian Jodar (Tian)

> Looking at the "install" program in the gcfiles tarball, I think there
> are a couple of problems with it:

Thanks a lot for these remarks. I will change that even if I don't use
it for the RPM creation, because it could be useful for everyone.

> What I'd suggest is to not bother with the "install" script and instead
> use Requires: entries for all the dependency checks and use a bunch of
> "%{_bindir}/install" commands to actually install all the files in the
> right places. Since you've already enumerated the list of files in the
> %files section, this shouldn't be too big a problem.

Does it act the same way if I use %{__install} macro?

Concerning the Requires, it seems that rpmbuild check for Perl
dependancies and it should not be needed.

To be able to use GCfilms install script in %install section, I should
also add a --nocheck option. Depending on time it will take for these 2
solutions, I will use one of them. I'll let you know when everyhting is


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