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Re: Review Request: pptp

Matthias Saou wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote :

Spec file:

Nice and clean spec file :-)


Rebuilds fine for me, and I can't see any obvious problems. I'm unable to
fully test the functionalities, but am willing to approve the package for
an initial import nevertheless.

Looking at the homepage and install instructions that :
1) Once again there is a kernel module that could be added...

Matt Domsch at Dell is working on getting the ppp_mppe module included in the upstream kernel. It's a long process though. A possible problem with providing a separate package for this module is that it requires patching (and hence replacing) the existing ppp_generic module. I don't know what the best way of doing that is. My intention was to wait for the module to appear upstream.

2) There are some nice config tools (in php-gtk!?) which could also
   be packaged :-)

I already do the packages on the website there, and could import those in extras. However, as far as I know, php-gtk currently requires PHP4 (compiled with pcntl support, which is not included in FC3). It really would be better if it could be ported to something a bit more modern like PyGTK. Unfortunately that's beyond my abilities.


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