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Celestia and Stellarirum for Extras

I'm offering to maintain/keep an eye on Celestia and Stellarium for Extras. I also have a view to other project for extras (see below).

The current RPM version for FC3 is 1.3.2, and the current Celestia is 1.3.2. I've taken a look at the patch that the FC3 version ships with, and there's been no release from the Celestia team since 1.3.2, so I really can't think of anything I can do there to help.

With regards to Stellarium, the same situation applies (however with their version at 0.6.2).

I mentioned in #fedora-extras that merely re-building them would be a bit cheap for me, as it would not demonstrate I understand the packaging process. I'll just have to hedge my bets that trying to get Freejay/Veejay/Rosegarden happening on FC4test will be a little more useful for demonstrating my appreciation for the rules.



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