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Need review: ghc

GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) is the most widely used
compiler for the functional programming language Haskell:
see <http://haskell.org/ghc/>.

[For earlier discussion see:

After more work, ghc-6.4 is now finally ready for inclusion
in Extras, I believe. :-)

Since the source tarball is a bit big I took the liberty
of importing ghc-6.4-8 into extras cvs - so it can be easily
reviewed.  Currently ghc-6.4 doesn't build yet with gcc4
so perhaps it is best just to target FC-3 for now?  gcc4 support
should hopefully come in the next upstream release if the changes
required are not too major, otherwise ghc builds fine with
compat-gcc-32 for now, though I gather using that is currently
frowned upon for Extras FC-4?

After reviewing, the remaining issue is just bootstrapping
because ghc-6.4-8 requires ghc64 (its main subpackage) to build.
Generating (arch dependent) bootstrap tarballs of C files
with ghc would depend on ghc anyway so the recommended way
to buildstrap ghc in buildroots is using such a pre-built binary
package: indeed the Debian maintainer tells me this is also
the way new archs are bootstrapped for debian.

Signed binary packages for Fedora Core i386, ppc and x86_64 are
available from Fedora Haskell <http://haskell.org/fedora/>:


and can be used for the initial builds.

I have waited a long time for this moment but hopefully
soon we can finally have Haskell supported in Extras and
add darcs and other goodies to Extras. :-)


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