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Re: install versus cp -a in %install


> Would it be asked too much that you enter your real name in your
> messages? (presumably it's the one from whois c-sait.net)

Did you mean you want it into From field? I changed that. But there
was no need to do a whois as it was in the title of my previous mail
(the one I linked in my message).

> Use what works for you.

I thought the goal of Fedora Extras was to provide quality packages
that follow some rules (that's why there are some packaging guidelines).
So for me *Use what works for everybody* would be better. And as I have
a little experience in this domain, I wanted to have some suggestions
from more experienced people.

> Use what is appropriate.

That's my question. I wanted to know what is appropriate in this context.
I know the options of each command. But as install is used most of the
time, I thought I didn't get something (as cp is easier to use when many
directories need to be copied)

> Use what makes sense.

I am not sure to understand what you meant there.

But I have a more important question: Why did you use such a condescending

Christian Jodar.

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