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Re: Need review: ghc

Jochen Schmitt wrote:
Does the build system able to handle such a situation, that a
package need itself as a buildrequirement?

Ok, to workaround this technical difficulty and to avoid the need to build the initial ghc package by hand in the buildsystem, I propose to make a seed source rpm including the upstream binary tarballs for Linux i386, ppc and x86_64 as a seed for Extras. (This is also essentially what gentoo does for ghc btw.) Once the binary seed packages have been "built" for Extras, then they can be used to build the real haskell source ghc package that is already in cvs. :-)

Does that sound reasonable? :)

We really really don't want to go through the agony of generating
bootstrap C files for all three archs - it is just too much "fun"...
believe me.

Btw how does inheritance work in the buildsystem between OS versions?
Say ghc is built first for FC-3, then later when we want to build it in devel
or FC-4 say, will the buildroot get setup with the BR ghc from FC-3
automatically?  I hope we don't want to have to go through all this again
when ghc is added to devel say... :)


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