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Re: Need review: ghc

On Ven 13 mai 2005 2:44, Jens Petersen a écrit :
> seth vidal wrote:

>> a package cannot [build]require itself.
>> that makes no sense at all.
> Erm, well actually it makes perfect sense for a compiler. :)
> How do you think gcc builds itself?

Actually we have a ton of those bootstraps loops in the java world.
Sometimes they are obvious like this, other times it's more indirect. For
example :
a java lib is build using ant but ant needs a version of this same lib to
build (because ant uses it for xml parsing, error logging, etc)

In the end of the day for any given language you need to declare basic
facilities part of the core platform (so not Requires) or add a seed
package of these very same utilities to the repository to break dependency

Seed package can be pre-built binary, util version with all build options
disabled, basic version only good enougth to build the real one, etc

I imagine it's the same for all non-interpretated languages.


Nicolas Mailhot

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