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Re: Request for review: rxvt-unicode, evilwm

Peter Lemenkov wrote:

Hello, All!

Can anyone check these spec-files for consistency?



rxvt-unicode is a clone of the well known terminal emulator rxvt.
It's main features (many of them unique) over rxvt are:

* Stores text in Unicode (either UCS-2 or UCS-4).
* Uses locale-correct input, output and width: as long as your system supports the locale, rxvt-unicode will display correctly.
* Daemon mode: one daemon can open multiple windows on multiple displays, which improves memory usage and startup time considerably.
* Crash-free. At least I try, but rxvt-unicode certainly crashes much less often than rxvt and it's many clones, and reproducible bugs get fixed immediately.
* Completely flicker-free.
* Full combining character support (unlike xterm :).
* Multiple fonts supported at the same time: No need to choose between nice japanese and ugly latin, or no japanese and nice latin characters :).
* Supports Xft and core fonts in any combination.
* Can easily be embedded into other applications.
* All documentation accessible through manpages.
* Locale-independent XIM support.
* Many small improvements, such as improved and correct terminfo, improved secondary screen modes, italic and bold font support, tinting and shading.




I've been thinking about packaging this myself. How did you built the docs? Has upstream stopped using yodl?

If someone else doesn't beat me to it I'll review this wednesday.



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