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New package: GCfilms


I'd like GCfilms application to be included in Fedora Extras. 

GCfilms is an application that can be used to manage a movie collection.
It is written in Gtk2-Perl and have a plugin system to add easily some
features. There are plugins for languages (English, French, Spanish and
partially Italian are supported for the moment), for websites used to
get automatically movies informations, for data exportation (HTML, XML,
CSV, SQL and tar.gz plugins already exist) and for data importation
(collection from Ant Movie Catalog and DVD Profiled can be imported).

More information can be found on project page:


I made an RPM for this application that already had some feedbacks on
this list. I think it should be OK now.

.src.rpm can be found here: 


Spec file is here:


Generated RPM is there:


Here is the output from rmplint:

# rpmlint gcfilms-5.0-3.noarch.rpm
E: gcfilms only-non-binary-in-usr-lib
E: gcfilms no-signature

I don't think first message is a real problem for this application as it
is a pure Perl one. Second one is normal according to Extras Wiki.

As it doesn't need any compilation and has few dependencies, I think the
package could also be generated for FC4 without any modification.

Someone could take care of it. I will provide updated.spec files when
needed so there won't be a lot of work for the maintainer. But it would
be a pleasure for me to be the maintainer for this package. I would then
require also CVS access and so a sponsor for this.

Thanks a lot for your attention. Do not hesitate to contact me should
you need further information.

Christian Jodar (Tian).

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