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PHP4 in extras?

During reviews of my pptp package (https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2005-May/msg00391.html), a couple of people suggested that I also package up the "pptpconfig" GUI configuration tool for pptp. I'm happy to do this, but it will also require packaging of some dependencies, one of which is version 4 of PHP, because pptpconfig is built using PHP-GTK (http://gtk.php.net/), which is not compatible with PHP5 as shipped in FC4.

What I propose to do is to create the following packages:

php4 - version of PHP 4.3.x, mainly imported from FC3 but renamed so that it can be co-installed with the regular FC4 PHP package. I would also be enabling the "pcntl" module, which is not enabled in FC3 PHP but is enabled in FC4's PHP package. This module is needed by pptpconfig.

php-gtk - GTK toolkit for PHP4.

pptpconfig - PPTP configuration GUI, built using php-gtk.

Before I go ahead and create the packages for review, does anyone have any objections in principle to this approach, or any better suggestions for how to go about packaging pptpconfig?


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